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Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins – Instrumental Medley

Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins play a great instrumental medley live at Secret Policeman's Third Ball 1987. 'I'll see you in my dreams' 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Great stuff. Enjoy!

The Girls On Fox News Song

"The Girls on Fox News" by Austin Cunningham - NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! ìThe Girls on Fox Newsî Video Produced and Edited by Dean J Augu

Using Titebond glue for guitar repair

Titebond is versatile, and its 5-minute working time gives you more wiggle room than other glues for neck-sets, brace repair and all sorts of glue-ups. More Info:,_

Installing guitar tuner knobs: trick for drilling holes

Dan Erlewine replaces rotted old tuner knobs on a 1950s steel guitar and an 1897 parlor guitar. Check out the neat trick for enlarging the holes with a drill press! If you have

StewMac Ultimate Scraper

Al Carruth shows how to use and sharpen the Ultimate Scraper: the best scraper for arched top instruments. This scraper is available at If you have questions, please

Binding repair on a ’55 Gretsch Roundup

A truss rod fix leads to a binding repair: Dan Erlewine shows two techniques for replacing red side dots on this great old cowboy guitar. From the free Trade Secrets newsletter at Subsc

1955 Gretsch with rotted plastic parts: replacement idea

After nearly 60 years, old celluloid parts start to crumble. Dan Erlewine builds replacement parts from a sheet of tortoiseshell pickguard plastic. From the free Trade Secrets newsletter at stewmac.

Stewart-Macdonald stewmac Soprano Ukulele Kit Sound Sample

Hi there, Here's a sound sample of my home made Kahakai Ukulele using Stewart-Macdonald soprano ukulele kit. Didn't have any instrument tool so only use what I have in the shed. Didn't turn out too